[Among reduced Bibles, cigarettes and drugs I carve your name in my flesh]
* Nightmare is doing interviews.

• Bone and Nightmare are at the hotel.

Nightmare has stopped to smell the flowers at the early spring trees at Unter den Lunden.

Nightmare is re-hydrating from last night.

# Nightmare is planning his and Whip’s VJ:ing at an Austrian TV-station, choosing videos.

Nightmare and Devilina went to Mozart's hangouts while to two other elite soldiers of russian death pop
roamed the streets looking for make-up, glitter, silk underwear, tailors and funny-glasses.

* Nightmare is smoking cigarettes and doing interviews.

...Nightmare was as surreal as a dream,..

• Nightmare is partying like hell with Sonic Syndicate.

* Nightmare is running to the cigarette-store. (Cheap in Slovenia!)

Nightmare doesn't agree with Cat at all.

Nightmare has been very strange the last days. Sometimes he stops the bus at the dead of night and says to the driver that he can navigate by the stars, and that the GPS is wrong. Nightmare actually thinks he is the new Global Positioning System, and you know what - the other guys in the band know he's right. This makes the tourmanager and busdriver insane, but this band rely on their feelings, that's why they're always wrong.

* Nightmare is ordering in cocktail after cocktail in the backstage bar and trying to find the Buddha in Budapest.

• Nightmare is daydreaming about nightmares on tour and discusses this with the tourmanager Anthony..

Nightmare thinks our gig is the biggest magnet tonight.

Nightmare is looking over his Les Paul-guitars and is furious and totally out of hand, almost tearing the bulding down because his favourite white Gibson has a little gray mark.

• Nightmare is having special-made Deathstars-tapas.

Nightmare – Sleeping

• Night and Devilina will go to the Eifel Tower to meet up with a friend of them who is a professional wizard. (He has told them that he can jump from the second level and land on his feet without getting hurt, interesting… Especially since he just got out from that mental institution) Then they will spend their night inside of Paris Hilton. What a beautiful sight…

- Night is writing music and drinks a Sex on the Beach and is mentally preparing himself to enter the role as le producteur in France.

Whiplasher and Nightmare was still in their bunks when the rest of the gang went out to grab some afternoon breakfast at the nearest steakhouse.

Cat, Nightmare and Devilina went to see the catacombs today. Actually, we're all really annoyed with Cats nagging about these underground tunnels filled with dead people so we sent him away under supervision of daddy Nightmare just to make him stop.

* Night is le provocateur and is sightseeing..

Nightmare is enjoying perfectly chilled beer while being worried about his White Les Paul Supreme, which suddenly decided to stop working, at all. Guitar shop next for fucks sake!

* Nightmare is looking for a scanner, apparently he has some top secret documents he has to send to Florida.

• Nightmare is really confused looking at his cigarette pack which says that smoking ages your skinny.

Earlier Nightmare was going on about german tanks ”Panzer” and was trying to find out from the local crew if there ever was a tank factory in the area and if there’s any way of visiting it or better yet if they have a wholesale market where he could buy a new one. Panzer schnell!!! He always walks around with a grin on his face when we are in Germany, asking for stielhandgranaten und panzer. A few years ago it was all over the place but these days it’s harder to find. We hope that one day he will find it. He is our own little panzergeneral.

Nightmare was partying like hell and hung out with the fans.

• Nightmare is checking out new studio-equipment somewhwe, no one has seen him for a while.

Night is still totally into his role as panzergeneral and is walking around giving sheet’s of personal panzer propaganda to the members of the bands.

• Nightmare is talking to some transatlantic recordlabel-dudes.

Night and Devilina was hanging out in the bar enjoying the nostalgia.

Nightmare was discussing business with our recordlabel.

* Nightmare is in Speicherstadt with his wife Devilina to discuss german war-tactics and get a special made remote-controlled Monster Truck.

* Night is looking at pictures from the tour.
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